What's the job market like in Austin?

Hmm. Not looking so good at the moment. It was just announced today that Google is shutting down its office, just 6 months after it opened one.

The Austin American Statesman has an article today about the tough economy Austin is facing for the next year, but that it should get better in 2010. But, because I'm an optimistic kind of gal, here's my spin on it. It's saying that Austin is only going to add 2100 jobs in 2009, a 0.2 percent growth. Is it just me, or isn't that kind of good news? I mean, growth is growth, right?

Anyway, those of us in the government sector (wh00t!), plus in education and professional services (what does that mean anyway? Aha! Thanks wikipedia ) are probably going to see the growth, whereas you poor souls in manufacturing and construction better hold on tight.

Rents are expected to drop - which may be a good thing for those of you thinking of heading this way.

Overall picture is - yep, things are going to get tough, but we're still sittin' prettier that most of the rest of the country.

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