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Legends of Texas
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Robb Walsh

We like our barbecue here in Austin. Outsiders might think that barbecue in Texas means beef brisket - and while that is a major component, there's also ribs, sausage, pork tenderloin, and even mutton and goat (cabrito) to discuss.

Maybe it's the free Salt Lick bbq I had for lunch today (sometimes my job is AWESOME), but I think I'm finally ready to tackle the issue of barbecue on this blog. I've been holding out because it's such a subjective, enormous task that just cannot be taken lightly by any self-respecting Texan. There are so many things to compare: type of meat, sauce or no sauce, proximity and/or ambiance, sides... I can feel the weight on my shoulders, let me tell you.

First off, if you're going to move to Austin and want to speak about barbecue with any authority, you MUST read the book "Legends of Texas Barbecue" by Robb Walsh. I wouldn't call it a just a cookbook, although it certainly has great recipes in it. It's more of a history of barbecue and discussion of the different types (it's not just brisket in Texas!) and regions (East Texas bbq is different from South Texas bbq) with the all-star favorite joints across the state. It's a fascinating book.

I don't think there's one perfect joint in Austin. Luckily that means you'll need to try them all. Anyway, here's my list of the best barbecue in Austin:
Still to come: best road-trips for barbecue. Luling, Lockhart, Elgin, oh my!