How to have a baby in Austin

A few years ago I found a great mamas group when I was pregnant with my first child. Most of us met through the prenatal classes at Yoga Yoga and had a weekly gathering at a nearby coffee shop after class. There for a while we probably had about 30 members - and I'd guess that 90% of us had just moved to Austin, and probably 50% moved while pregnant. It was a tremendous resource for me -- I found out about all sorts of stuff that I had no idea existed before.

Using my totally unscientific sampling of the population that moves to Austin, I'm guessing there's bound to be a good percentage of you who are thinking of moving to Austin who also are growing a little human being inside of you. Never fear, because we have OBs here too! And hospitals! Or birthing centers with big bathtubs, if that's your cup of tea. We even have pediatricians for after the little one makes an appearance. Here's what you need to know:

Natural Mamas:
You might be a natural mama if you are interested in finding a doula, midwife, or birthing center. You want to give birth au naturel. Or if your kiddo is already here, perhaps your parenting style leans towards Attachment Parenting. Here are my recs:
Middle-of-the-Road Mamas:
You might be a MOTR mama if you might give birth au naturel, but you'd like to reserve the right for the drugs if the shit hits the fan. You agree with some aspects, but not all, of Attachment Parenting. You dabble in natural remedies but if antibiotics are needed, you won't balk.
"Hook Me Up to the Epidural NOW" Mamas:
You might be a HMUTTEN mama if you have known you'd get an epidural your whole life.