In Burger News, or Go East, Young Man

Carl's Jr, a fast food chain that Californians know quite well, is about to build 50 freaking stores in the Austin region. Fifty!

According to those in the know, the California market has no room for expansion for the chain and they like the look of our college town, where they believe students will appreciate their better than average burgers.

I have to admit that when the first one opening up off of Slaughter Lane a few months ago, my college roommate (who also moved to Austin a few years ago) and I facebooked each other with excitement. During our freshman year at USC we must have eaten at Carl's Jr 3 times a week. Now that I've eaten one of these:

(otherwise known as a Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich) I can safely go back to not needing one again for another 5 years.

I've heard the groans from CA ex-pats: "What about In-N-Out?!!!" To which I say: Forget Carls. Forget In-N-Out. Try any of these fine local establishments instead: