Job Search in Austin Texas

I heard on NPR the other day that the unemployment rate in Detroit was 22%. Holy crapsville! There's a debate going on at the Austin citydata forum on whether or not Austinites should continue to tout the region as a good place to move to, as we're starting to show signs of an economic slowdown ourselves. But when you compare our unemployment level (in the low 6%) to Detroit's Great Depression levels, and the fact that our houses are still gaining in value, it would seem like merely belching out the Texas State Anthem would have people running to our area. Luckily for readers of this blog, I have never mastered the art of on-demand burping, nor have I ever figured out how to upload videos to Youtube. You're safe.

Moving on, here are some job searching resources I would recommend for newcomers and old-timers alike. Good luck in your search.
Another good resource is the Texas Workforce Commission, which has career centers that offer job training, seminars and networking opportunities. I had to go there in order to get on unemployment last lay-off, and I was really impressed by what they have to offer.

Happy hunting, y'all.