Austin with 1% growth of jobs= Best City for Job Seekers. Plus Chicken and Waffles.

Austin is just barely showing positive job growth right now, but shoot! It's enough to rank us as the Best City for Job Seekers, according to Forbes (via Yahoo).

I think they factored in that you can search for a job on your wireless laptop computer while catching some sun at Barton Springs. Try doing THAT in Portland.

Job gains/losses in Texas are not equal across the board, according to the Texas Workforce Commission:
"Trade, Transportation and Utilities added 5,800 jobs in March, and the Financial Services industry grew by 3,100 jobs. Education and Health Services gained 300 jobs in March for an increase of 59,600 jobs over the year reflecting a strong job growth rate of 4.7 percent. Industry losses hit Construction and Manufacturing the hardest, down 18,800 and 11,900 jobs, respectively."
In totally unrelated news, a trailer serving Chicken and Waffles has just opened near my house. To those of you who have never worshiped at the altar of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, let me tell you, the combination is divine. Hopefully Lucky J's will satisfy my cravings. If not, I will just walk across the street and get some Amy's Ice Cream. (Amy's is worth a whole blog post on its own. The best ice cream on the planet.)

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