Buy Chad Kultgen's book

Normally I wouldn't post this here, but I have an ulterior motive - beer. Chad Kultgen will buy me a beer next time he sees me if I promote his book. The only way I can see this tying in to the topic of this blog is that he's originally from Dallas, which is 3 hours away.

My totally nuts friend from college, Chad, has written a second book and is very close to getting on the bestseller list. He wrote a couple scripts in college that I still am hanging on to - I can't decide if I like "God Turd" or "Sea Zombies v. The Commandos" better. I guess I have a second ulterior motive to help Chad get famous so those scripts will fetch enough on eBay to send my kids to college someday.

From Amazon:

Product Description

With the publication of The Average American Male -- and the release of the shocking viral videos that made it a water-cooler sensation -- Chad Kultgen became one of the most talked-about authors of recent years. Now, with The Lie, Kultgen returns with an even more salacious -- yet also more searching -- novel that reaches deeper into the craven inner workings of some of most depraved minds in America: college students.

His subjects are Brett, the rich hedonist whose appetite for sex is matched only by his contempt for women; his best friend, Kyle, the brooding science geek whose good intentions lead him to one disastrous decision; and Heather, the social-climbing sorority girl who has the power to destroy them both. As this devil's triangle plows through four years of college, Kultgen offers a astonishing take on the wild and amoral universe of college today: a frathouse world where sex is social currency, status means everything -- and winner takes all.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.