How Green is My Valley?

We took my visiting in-laws to Zinger Hardware store this weekend. It's one of those cute hardware stores that has more fun, gifty type items than actual hardware. We were on a mission to buy more Salt Lick BBQ rub, which we had given my father-in-law for Christmas last year and he had gotten addicted to. My mother-in-law was super excited to find their Tula Hats - she had been wanting a certain one for 2 years but had not been able to find it until Zinger. I was super stoked to see marshmallow eggs - because, again I'm pregnant and cannot help my cravings - until I saw their display for Mythic Paint.

According to Mythic's website, Zinger is the only dealer in Austin of this true no-VOC, low-odor paint. VOC's, for those not in the know, are the toxic chemicals and odors in paint. My husband and I are shipping off the kiddo to my parents' house this coming weekend so we can paint 2 bedrooms, and I've been comparing no-VOC paints to get ready for the event. I have been wanting to go with Benjamin Moore's Aura paint (and in the process rip off the color from this website) but the only BM dealer near me is barely open on the weekends and I'm going to need access for when I change my mind at the last minute and freak out at all the ugly colors I've bought.

Mythic retails for $45 a gallon at Zinger.