Spa Party, Collective Unconsious Subliminal Machine

A couple months ago my friend Aimee and I went to an Austin Mama Bloggers event hosted by There was a silent auction benefiting Baby Ike, and Aimee ended up winning this awesome massage/dessert party for 6 people, which was donated by local massage therapist Sara Ballard and her pastry-chef sister-in-law. She threw the party last weekend and invited a couple friends over, including lucky me.

So Saturday I left my husband to paint the kid's bedroom by himself and ran off for a foot & hand massage. Not a bad deal. We all brought food and wine and gabbed about crazy things like pulsating umbilical cords and how good Uchi sushi is (totally separate conversations, by the way). It was so much fun that 3 1/2 hours lapsed before I realized I might have a divorce on my hands if I didn't get back and help out a little back home. Sara was an awesome massage therapist, by the way. Check her out.

Afterward it dawned on me that all of us present at the party had recently moved to Austin - within the past 5 years. Most of us were California expats - I counted 5, plus one from Florida and one from DC.

My husband and I felt like we were making a really unique, personal decision to move to Austin in 2004 - that is until we moved here and met tons of other people who had made the same choice. Now I think we tapped into some collective unconscious -- and I can't help but picture a scene from the movie Delicatessen where a character whispers suggestions through his building's water pipes and drives his neighbor Aurore crazy:

Of course, I don't think we're being driven crazy by listening to this "Move to Austin" message. In fact, I'm supremely glad we made the move. I'm just saying that no one wants to think that they're blindly following subliminal messages. I prefer to think of us as vanguards.

The question is, am I now part of the subliminal machine? I'm merely passing on information to already interested parties, right?


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