Cracking Skulls

Watch out world. I'm in a bad mood, and it's only 9:04 am. I'm feeling very combatitive today, and instead of hiding my aggression I'm going to discuss the awesomeness of the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls.

That's right, roller derby. Now ordinarily I would rather watch paint dry than go to a sporting event, this is different. It's awesome. Austin has five teams that compete with each other on a banked track. My husband and I used to be major fans of the Putas Del Fuego, but now that we've gotten to be friends with a member of the Holy Rollers (our sons are preschool BFFs - we went to their house 2 weeks ago for a barbecue and had a blast!) we are thinking of changing loyalties.

If you're not familiar with roller derby, the general idea is that girls skate around a banked track and beat the living tar out of each other while trying to pass each other. There's a lot of showboating and trashtalking along the way. There are a couple rules thrown in, but for the most part it's a pretty simple thing to understand and get into. That's why I like it.

You may have caught a show on A&E a few years back called Rollergirls, which centered on this league. If you haven't, line it up on your Netflix, because it was really entertaining. And then when you move here, you can get starstruck like me when you see teammates around town (the Texas Chili Parlor is a major sighting source, and since it's within walking distance of work AND has good nachos, I'm there a lot).

Austin has a flat-track league as well - the Texas Rollergirls. I've been to some of their bouts, but my heart lies with the Lonestar League. Next game coming up:

Cherry Bombs vs. Hellcats
Where: Austin Convention Center
When: Sunday, May 17th
Time: Doors at 6 pm, Bout at 7
Cost: $15 at the door, $13 pre-sale