Austin's May 2009 Unemployment Rate

Austin's current unemployment rate is now 6.1%, up a little from last month (5.8%). Statewide, Texas' unemployment rate is 6.9%, and the US average is 9.1%.

Can I just bitch a minute though about how they're issuing unemployment benefits? On a freaking Chase debit card. Hello, giant corporation doling out state benefits. Hope they're making a tidy interest on all this.

We have to go withdraw cash out of a Chase ATM to avoid fees, and then we're stuck with a wad of cash. It would be so lovely if we could actually, I don't know, deposit the money into our already established checking account and pay bills. We happen to do our banking online and don't have the luxury of depositing cash at an ATM or with a bank teller, unless we feel like driving to San Antonio. And there does not appear to be a way to transfer the money from Chase to our bank, although we're wading through their automated customer service to double check.

Meanwhile, our wallets are so thick that I may just have to go spend some of it at Starbucks. Mmm, orange mocha frappuccinoâ„¢!