Food I Would Miss If I Ever Left Austin

When I was 12 my family moved from Corpus Christi, TX to Charlotte, NC. I think it's safe to say that I went kicking and screaming. I'll never forget the Mexican food withdrawal that my family and I went through that first year in Charlotte, where the best we could find was literally at Taco Bell. Or the first time we tried North Carolina style barbecue (vinegary shredded pork) and my mom proclaimed, "This tastes like throw up!" We made my grandma pack her suitcases full of yellow corn tortillas, tamales and even cans of ranch style beans when she'd visit us from San Antonio.

16 years later I finally made it back to Texas, and I have no plans on leaving any time soon. I was made to live in Texas -- even my middle name is Austin (kind of fitting, isn't it?).

Ok, but what if I did leave? Here's what I would make friends pack in their suitcases for me:

P.S. You may think from reading this list that I'm a 500 lb junk food addict, but I swear I'm not. These are all treats that I like the option to have, even if most of the time I eat tofu, spinach salads and roasted vegetables. You know, when you can't have it, you crave it? (Side note: when I lived in Paris I craved nachos, Lucky Charms and peanut butter.)