Happy Hour at Trio

(photo courtesy of the Four Seasons website)

I can't believe I haven't written about this yet.

A few weeks ago my husband and son went to Florida to visit grandparents, leaving me all alone.

Cue the party music, because I had myself a single lady blast. Or as much as I could as someone who is married and the size of a hippo.

One night I got together with 4 other mama friends at Trio at the Four Seasons Hotel (overlooking Lady Bird Lake) for their absolutely fabulous happy hour. Together we consumed:

All for the low price of $60 and change. Split 5 ways it came to something like $13 a person plus tip! And it was scrumptious. Their regular menu must be fabulous.

You'd think that with two bloggers there we'd have some photos to show, but I guess we slacked that evening, or were too busy cackling about mamahood.

So to tie this into something that's related to moving to Austin, I'll say this: You will be absolutely insane to visit Austin and not take advantage of Trio's happy hour.