Getting back to normal

(Newborn) + (c-section recovery) + (clingy toddler) + (computer dying) + (sharing new computer with job-seeking husband) = not much time for blogging. But last night as I lay awake feeding my daughter at 3am, new blog topics were swirling in my head. Currently the toddler is napping, the baby is chilling with daddy, and I finally get access to the internet.

My little one is fabulous, by the way. She loves to eat, sleep and poop. She came 2 days before my scheduled c-section (little bugger was breech and not interested in turning, despite all the prep work I put into avoiding another cesarean) and was delivered at Seton Central on July 12th at 6:24 am. I wish I could have had a chance to use Sara Ballard's services as a doula, and try out the Hypnobabies course that I had been studying for 6 months. (Yes, my hippie mama-ness is showing with this paragraph.)

C'est la vie. My mother-in-law was in town for 2 weeks to help out, which meant mainly showering my toddler with attention. Their weekly schedule looked something like this:
We also went to Music Under the Star at the Bob Bullock Museum on a Friday night, where Toni Price belted out some Billie Holiday songs as we ate free hotdogs from Mighty Fine Burgers and free Blue Bell ice cream. (Billie Holiday + Blue Bell ice cream is my idea of heaven. Throw in some Thai yellow curry and my head would have exploded.)

And this past Friday we headed to Central Market to listen to some blues under their awesome live oak trees. CM really knows how to do a family friendly night out - though the trick is to eat first so you don't have to spend $30 bucks on their not-so-delicious food.

Well - toddler's up, baby's crying -- looks like this mama of two kiddos has to sign off. Viva Austin and its plethora of fun things to do!

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