Shopping in Austin

While we are enjoying our new granddaughter and entertaining our grandson, my husband and I are continuing to help out with our daughter’s blog site. Here is another post from a retiree’s standpoint.

It’s all about shopping. It’s not something you will often hear about from our daughter, who only shops when absolutely necessary, but to many members of the female species, it is an all-important part of life. I am one of those females, especially when it comes to resale stores. I don’t often buy very much, but I can’t resist a good resale store, with which Austin abounds.

I especially love to shop up and down Burnet Road, where there are abundant resale and used furniture shops. Furniture Row, off of Research Dr. and Burnet Rd., is part of this area, which extends from Research south to 38th St. It appears to me that Burnet Rd. is the hub of a town that is hooked on resale shops of all persuasions.

I also enjoy South Congress Ave., with all of its quirky shops and restaurants. Another area I prowl when I have a chance is on Lamar around the Whole Foods Market and adjacent cross-streets. I’m sure there are other interesting shopping areas around town that I will discover in the future, so I am open for suggestions.

There are the usual outlying malls, power centers and Big Box stores, of course, but those could be anywhere. They are useful when I am looking for something specific and I probably spend more money at these stores, but I don’t get the same pleasure from shopping in them that I do when I roam through a resale store or quirky boutique. Somehow I think that these, along with the ethnic stores and restaurants, are the heart and soul of a town, defining it in a way that no chain store can ever achieve.

And, believe me, Austin has A LOT of heart and soul—even for us retired folks!