Festivals coming up - book your hotels now

Looks like the Austin City Limits Music Festival is all sold out now. However, a quick search on craigslist shows that you're still in luck if your heart is set on going. Tons of people rent out their homes on craigslist that weekend (October 2 - 4, 2009) as well if you can't find a hotel to book.

My home is booked, by the way. My husband's three friends from high school are coming all the way from Houston, San Francisco and Atlanta to crash at our house, drink Bud Light, reminisce about that time they drove to Ben & Jerry's when they were 16, and make fart jokes. Oh, and go see Pearl Jam. As much as I love hearing that Ben & Jerry's story (over and over again!), I have decided to spend the weekend at my parents' house with the kids and let the boys have the house to themselves.

But I will be damned if I'm going to miss Wurstfest, which is October 30 - November 8th. Screw the Dave Matthews, give me some German oompah bands! (Roll out the barrel - We'll have a barrel of fun!) Ok, so it's in New Braunfels instead of Austin, it's only 45 minutes away. I've only had the most amazing time each and ever year I've gone (coming up on year five, whoo hoo!). It can't be missed. My friend is coming in from San Francisco to join in the revelry. Beer! Sausage! Friends! Yeah!

Book your hotels now! I'm so excited thinking about it I can't stop using exclamation points!

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