There's no place like home

My coworker was raving about the Aquarium in Dallas, and somehow I got the bright idea it would be fun to go on a family vacation there for the weekend. Husband agreed. Stupid, masochistic us.

NEVER go anywhere with a almost three year old who is in the middle of a "I'm not going to do anything you say" phase. The same goes doubly for a five week old who does not sleep and needs to be held constantly.

I'm sure Dallas is a great place, but I never want to go back there again. I'm not going to recount all the struggles we went through because they're not that interesting, but let me just tell you I am SO GLAD TO BE BACK HOME.

It is funny though, the one time of the trip where I think we were all getting along and having fun was when we were eating breakfast at this cute restaurant called Allgood Cafe. While waiting for our meals we suddenly realized that all the posters up on the wall were concert bills for The Continental Club, which is the mack daddy of all music venues here in Austin (since 1957). Then we looked on their drink menu and read their slogan:

The Allgood Cafe
"It's like going to Austin... without having to pass through Waco!"

Shoot, if we had only known that beforehand.

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