When the toddler's away, the parents play

My son is hanging with the g-parents this week. They took their RV and headed to Guadalupe River State Park, which is about 1.5 hours southwest of Austin and one of my favorite campgrounds in Texas. My son loves buses and grandparents, and is quite partial to throwing rocks in rivers as well, so he's quite happy.

All of this leaves me free to go to a party tomorrow night (Thursday, Aug 13) at Software Advice, which is a company that just relocated from San Francisco to Austin.

According to their website:

When deciding where to move the company, founder & President Don Fornes said that Austin’s favorable business climate and high quality of life made the central-Texas town stand out.

“We wanted to move to a city where we could grow our business cost-effectively and have a great quality of life. I also wanted our employees to love where they lived. Austin gave us the best combination of a friendly business environment, outstanding professional talent and a quality of life that that is unmatched.”

Austin’s reputation as a technology hub played a large role in the move, Fornes said.

“We knew that as the company grew, we would need to find talented employees with a background in technology and Internet marketing. Moving to Austin means that we can find that talent right here while helping to strengthen local business.”

Read more here.

Gotta love a company that cares enough to give away free local beer, aka Live Oak. None of that Anchor Steam foolishness.

More info on the party here: