Kids & Toddler Birthday Parties

My social life now revolves around toddler birthday parties. It's not really a problem, because I happen to like cake and ice cream just as much as the preschool set.

As such, I've gotten acquainted with many, many birthday party ideas in and around Austin. My own son just turned three and we had a pirate treasure hunt at my house. It was totally a success, if I do say so myself. We sent out invites that looked like treasure maps (picture tea soaked paper, roughed up to look old with burnt edges that read) and made a cute little course in our backyard for the kiddos to discover. Before the hunt, my husband told a story about my son's great great great great uncle, Capt. Pickle, and we showed a slide show on the TV to go with the talking points. A bonus for all of this was that we didn't spend too much money, although I did go a little overboard with the treasure for the kids. (Went to Toy Joy and picked out awesome little trinkets, like glow in the dark eyeballs and bat rings).

Three weeks ago we went to my son's BFF's birthday party at Goin' Bananas, which is a super AC-ed warehouse in way South Austin filled with bouncy houses. Awesome for kids who have birthdays in August, when it's too hot to move outdoors.

Coming up is the birthdays of two sisters whose parents go all out for their birthdays. Last year they rented out the entire Austin Childrens Museum, ordered pizza (and kegs for us parents) and invited the whole school to party.

We've also been invited to parties at
Other fun ideas (for us adults) include inviting people over to your house and providing great barbecue, like from Louie Mueller in Taylor, Tx. I'm sure the kids love it too, as long as there's cake. Or if you want kids activities, rent a bouncy house for your backyard while the adults eat.

We've also been to lots of parties at the parks in town. Our backup cheap idea was to have my son's party at Brentwood Park and have all the kids bring their tricycles, which we would decorate and then have a parade. It's just so hot in August that I doubt we'll ever do that idea.

One final note: to make it truly an Austin celebration, be sure to get an ice cream cake from Amy's. Especially the mint chocolate chip one. Yum.

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