Latest Unemployment Numbers for Austin, plus evil spirits have been expelled

We're at 7.3%, as of July 2009, up from 7.1%. The US national average is 9.7%., same as last month.

How's my family faring? Well, my husband is still unemployed (laid off in April) but is starting his own company now. So contact me if you're looking for an architect. I know a good one.

A little off topic, but my mom took my sister and me to a lady who does clearings last week. She found out how many past lives we have had with each other and our spouses and cleared any bad juju that may have accumulated over the years. My husband and I have had 45 lives with each other, and apparently I've cursed him a time or two. We are now curse free. The lady has also cleared any bad sprites that might be causing us harm, so I'm hoping that some good luck is coming our way as a result of this.

Perhaps this was a good omen: My cat brought in a dead rat the other day. Could it be one of the sprites that got cleared away? Who knows. My husband happened to be away at the time, and I was in the process of putting my son to bed while my daughter screamed her little newborn head off. I joined her, and added in a few choice curse words as well (what is it with me and curses?). Somehow I managed to grab the cat while he still had the rat by the jugular vein and tossed them both outside.

Be gone, evil spirits. Be gone.

Duuuuude. It just started pouring rain as I typed that. Around these parts, that's a fucking amazing sign of good luck.

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