Happy Texas!

Five years ago this week my husband and I packed up our tiny apartment in San Francisco and pointed the U-haul towards Texas. It's hard to believe it's been that long because it feels like we just got here. But on the other hand, Austin feels so right that it's almost like we've been here forever.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we like to make up holidays, and Happy Texas Day is coming up this weekend. It's the second weekend of October and commemorates our move to Texas. Really it's just an excuse to go have a picnic in a park, but I think it's nice to establish traditions when you move to a new place so you can feel like you have a history there. Here we are celebrating Happy Texas 2006 when my son was 1.5 months old (We're hoping to take another shot of my daughter this year in the same pose):

You may notice some gravestones in the background. We were celebrating Happy Texas at the Texas State Cemetery, an absolutely gorgeous cemetery near downtown where a lot of Texas greats are buried: Texas politicians including the fabulous Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan, football coaches like Tom Landry (this is Texas, after all), and other VIPs like my homeboy Stephen F. Austin (the founder of Texas and my great x 7 uncle). I'm probably the least macabre person around - I hate horror movies and would be terrified at a Marilyn Manson show but I happen to love picnicking in neat looking cemeteries. Here's my son at the same location, Happy Texas 07:

Last year we decided to try a different location and went to the Capitol grounds:

It's become my favorite spot to have a picnic, because my son can run around and chase squirrels and see buses and go inside the Capitol to spin around under the dome.

Not sure where Happy Texas '09 will happen. Anyone out there have a favorite picnic spot you'd like to share?

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