Roller Girl Rec League

I am trying out for the Roller Girls derby rec league tomorrow. I have never been into sports, but I am really excited about this. Especially because my friend Aimee and her kid's nanny are doing it with me, and I may have roped in my neighbor too.

It's not the hardcore competitive derby, but an offshoot of it for women who can't make the regular time commitment but want to have fun anyway. It sounds like it's going to be a blast, and hopefully it will melt away the baby weight. (Side note, I fit into my pre-pregnant jeans yesterday!!! Nevermind that last week someone asked me when I was due, because Wh00T! I only have 10 pounds to go!!!)

We have to come up with our skater names, and I have mine narrowed down to this: Toxic Shock Syndrome, Sugar Smack, or Whiskey Sour.

My son went with me to Sun & Ski to pick out my skates, and he is super jealous that I get to stick wheels on my feet. He's going to be so proud of his roller-skating, kicking ass mama, if only for the fact that I have newfound locomotion powers.

Wish me luck!