Whip It Good

Aimee and I went to go see Whip It today, which is about the Texas Roller Derby league here in Austin. It's pretty cool to be sitting in a theater watching a movie, and suddenly there's a shot of the very theater you're sitting in. Yay Alamo Drafthouse!

The movie was fun, if not the teensiest bit formulaic. Unfortunately, most of the movie was shot in Michigan, but hopefully with the new tax incentives for filming in Texas, Whip It II (Electric Boogaloo) will film more than just establishing shots in this fine city.

I had a blast getting a few moments off from mommy-hood. Nothing beats watching a movie and sipping champagne with a friend while your husband watches the kids back home. After the movie I checked my cell and had two messages from my husband politely asking me to come home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You could hear my daughter screaming in the background. Is it horrible to admit I got a little satisfaction from that?

Want to shout out to my friend Erin, a real-life roller girl on the real-life TXRD Holy Rollers team, who will be giving birth tomorrow to her baby girl via a scheduled c-section. Can't wait to meet her!