Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Tomorrow we are heading to my first-cousins-once-removed-in-law's house in Round Rock and will hang out with not only them, but second- and third-cousin-in-laws. We once had a family reunion when my husband's grandfather came to town, and someone figured out how we all related to each other (there's about 15 of us in town) and put it in an excel spreadsheet with the relationships. I get a total geeky pleasure out of repeating it when I see them.

I have not gone grocery shopping in about 10 days and am boycotting that chore until after the holiday. We drove past Central Market yesterday at 4pm (on a Tuesday) and there was someone directing traffic in the parking lot.  No thank you - I will eat frozen waffles for dinner just to avoid that mess.  Today I went to Specs, (hey Trader Joe lovers, you'll like this store for booze and appetizers) and bought one of each of their Vinho Verdes to take with us to the cousins' house, plus some sparkling juice for the kids (we call that "bubble juice" in our house).  Carol, a cousin who is hosting, has insisted that I don't need to bring anything, but you can't just show up empty handed.

I may or may not attempt to do cranberry man again this year for the kids. I buy a couple cans of cranberry sauce, plus things to make facial features out of from the salad bar, dump the sauce out of the cans so it retains it shape and let the kids decorate. It's super fun to do, but involves a Thanksgiving morning trip the the grocery store, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

(Cranberry Man from 3 years ago)

After that I'm sure my husband is going to want to watch the UT / A&M game.  I have about a 20 minute tolerance of football games, so I'll probably find something else to do with the kids.

Hope you guys have a good one, and stay safe!