I want to work on True Grit

The Coen Brothers are coming to town next month to film a remake of True Grit. I can't tell you how crazed this has made me. Ever since I saw the movie The Hudsucker Proxy (and its awesome sets, like Paul Newman's office above) I have been a rabid Coen Bros fan, and have made it my life's goal to someday work with them. Back in the day I worked as an art department coordinator in Hollywood, before moving to Austin to be a graphic designer.

Last weekend they were doing a casting call for True Grit in Austin. It's a period piece and they were looking for extras with long hair.  I would have totally tried out for it, except for the fact that I freeze up in front of cameras and look like a robot. With short hair.

Pardon my use of the blog for personal gain for a sec - if True Grit crew is out there and needs a graphic designer or art department lackey, I'm your gal. I can even dust off my old union card if need be.