Breakfast Tacos

Austin's in the New York Times.  About breakfast tacos.  Because they rule.

There's a big photo of a place I used to frequent a lot, Tamale House.  It was 2 blocks from my old house, and it was a very easy Saturday breakfast.  On Saturdays they make Brisket Tacos, and my husband is addicted to them.  I must admit they are not my favorite place in town, because by golly I need CORN TORTILLAS and Tamale House doesn't have them (nor do they have tamales, something that amuses me to no end). But when you can bike somewhere AND get breakfast for your whole family for like $5.00, you can forgive a few things. I have them on speed dial on my cell phone. 

Now that we live a little further away, we get breakfast tacos from my favorite hole in the wall, Chekos.

We even had Cheko's last night for dinner, because the leftover Quinoa with Broccoli Pesto sitting in the fridge just wasn't calling me. Chekos is also on speed dial.  Can you tell I love to order out?  Or maybe I'm a busy mama who has a hard time cooking every night.