Kids Birthday Parties in Austin, Revisited

Let the birthday party season begin.  The parents at my son's preschool are all insane (including me) and love to invite the entire class to their own kids' birthday parties.  That means 25 birthday parties.  His class seems to all have birthdays from March to November.  Our first invitation arrived this week.

I'm not complaining, because this time it's one of my son's best buds, Jake (who everyone calls Jakey) - the cutest little kid with the most amazing head of curls.  We're heading out to Kiddie Acres Amusement Park, which I had never heard of before.  Shocking, I know.  I thought I had the 411 on all things kiddie in this town.  Jakey's mom told me it's this great place for the 5 and under set, miniature roller coasters and ferris wheels.  I'm excited. My son is practically hyperventilating, because he hasn't been to a birthday party since December and WANTS SOME CAKE.

Which reminded me, last year I was at Half Price Books and saw a stack of Curious George hardbound collections for $7 each.  I bought 8 of them and when a birthday party snuck up on me, I didn't have to run out to Target 10 minutes before the party and buy whatever crappo present I could find.

This year I'm going to be prepared again.  I've been taking the kids to the library a lot recently and we've gotten hooked on the I Spy series.  Yes, they're kids books, but my husband and I fight over who gets to look at the new one first.

This one has been the best that we've checked out, I Spy Treasure Hunt. So this morning at the ungodly hour of 7:17 am, I purchased 6 I Spy books and now am totally prepared for the next 6 parties once they arrive.  Awesome.