South By South What? and wildflowers

It's South By Southwest (SXSW) time again, and once again my family is planning a camping trip instead of staying for the festivities.  This blog does a great job of reporting on all the free parties in town.  She even has a spreadsheet of all the parties.  I highly recommend it.

We haven't yet booked our camping trip yet, because every time I try the website isn't working.  I really want to go to Enchanted Rock, but it looked like they were booked.  Why Enchanted Rock?  Well, my friends, let me tell you a little bit about the AMAZING WILDFLOWERS THAT WILL APPEAR THIS YEAR.  I can feel it in my bones.  Ok, I've also read about how our wet & cold winter made for excellent conditions this coming spring.  And, I've already started spotting some.

A few years ago we went to Enchanted Rock during a great wildflower season and were blown away by the beauty of it.  There's this little drive you can do called Willow City Loop Road on the way to Enchanted Rock. Unbelievable. Here's another site with lots of photos.  I went back through my photos from 2007 and all I have is this aerial shot taken from an overlook in this photo montage:

That greyish blue area is solid bluebonnets.  It was like that for 22 miles.  I would have gotten more photos but I was just stunned into submission over the beauty of it all.  I think I have some video tape of it, but I am not yet skilled to figure out how to post that.  Plus you'd hear my awful nasally voice, so I won't do that.

If you are at all able to, you must drive out and see this, even for a day trip, when the wildflowers are out.  I just read an article that got oddly specific: go around April 10th on a good year. 

My mother-in-law (a flower enthusiast) is coming to town around this time, so a day trip is in order.  We'll probably head to Fredericksburg afterward for some tasty German food and shopping.

Anyway, like I said, we can't get a spot at Enchanted Rock (see in the photos, top right and bottom) so we are thinking about camping around Bandera at
Hill Country State Natural Area. We've never been, but it looks great. 

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