venn diagram

I often get questions about where people should live in Austin.  I have a quiz to help people, but sometimes readers want a personalized approach.

Frequently they ask something like, "I want to live close to downtown in a great school district.  But my budget is only $150,000." 

Here's my answer to that question (in the form of a venn diagram):

See how the circles don't intersect in the middle? The harsh truth: there's no way something close to downtown with good schools would EVER stay affordable.  You just can't have all three.  I would venture to say that it's just not possible anywhere - Austin and beyond.

Choose good schools and close to downtown, and expect to pay at least $250,000 (and I think I'm being optimistic here).  Choose good schools and under $150k, but you're not going to be anywhere near downtown.  Choose near downtown and under $150k, and the schools are going to be less than satisfactory. 

Ok.  End of venn diagram geek-out.

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