Urgent & after hours care

My kids only get sick the second that their doctor's office closes. Back in January I got a call at 5:01 PM on a Friday afternoon from my son's daycare, saying that he accidentally got cut on the face and probably needed stitches.

We did what any parent would do in their first stitches emergency and took him to Dell Children's hospital, where we waited 6 hours for them to superglue his face back together. Only they accidentally got his eyelashes in there too, so his eye was caught in a weird pirate-like grimace for a week.

A month later we discovered that our portion of the bill was $1600.  Yikes!  Thanks insurance!  Luckily his daycare covered the bill, and we learned our lesson: 

Don't EVER go to the emergency room for stitches.

This weekend (when my husband was out of town for a conference -- 5 days alone with the kids!), my daughter got a strange rash all over her body. I couldn't tell if it was heat rash or something else scary.  Actually, it didn't look scary until 12:35pm on Saturday, about 5 minutes after our pediatrician's office closed. 

The next two hours were spent with me trying to find an urgent care clinic open that would take a new patient under 18 months old on the weekend.  And my iphone quit working, so I was having to rely on information from a Minute Clinic at a CVS. This is the long boring part of my story, but let's just say that at one point I was crying uncontrollably in that CVS parking lot.  Luckily my son did not notice because I had just bought him a strawberry ring pop for being such a trooper and he was in 3-year-old ecstasy.

I ended up giving up going to a clinic and hoping for the best.

Now we're at the meat of the story.  I had a stroke of genius this morning-- get my kids in as patients at Austin Regional Clinic, which has after-hours and urgent care, even on the weekends.  I may not really like ARC -- not exactly in line with my hippie needs-- but damn it all, they've got fantastic hours and are near my house. Now we'll go to the pediatrician I like for checkups, and to ARC for all non-hippie urgent needs.  And not have to pay $1600 or cry in a CVS parking lot in the process. 

By the way, my daughter is fine.  She had a virus that made her projectile vomit all over my car, and then it gave her the lovely rash you see here:

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