Yikes, it's been a while since I've been able to write a post. We just got back to town from visiting my husband's parents in Tampa, FL for a week (and were able to sneak away for 2 kid-free nights to the beach, heaven!).  Before that the kids and I went to visit my parents, sister, niece and nephew in Charlotte, NC.  Add to working 32ish hours a week at a big Austin employer and it freelance work,  and I've just been plumb busy. 

Nope.  The truth is I have writers block.  I keep trying to write a topic but am coming up short. So forgive some rambles:

I'm sitting in Spiderhouse, an awesome coffeeshop by the UT Campus, drinking prosecco and waiting for a meeting with the uncomparable Kelly Stevens to start. Kelly is the Director of Design Ranch, which is a graphic design conference that the Austin AIGA puts on every other year. I volunteered at it in 2009 when I was 6 1/2 months pregnant, and am on the board for the 2011 event (April 14 - 17).  I quote from the newly launched website:
Design Ranch is an intimate, three-day, hands-on, workshop-driven design retreat in a rustic setting on the banks of the Guadalupe River.
This isn’t one of those conferences: No slide presentations, no lectures—just small groups (20 or less) gathering up close and personal with workshop leaders. It’s about putting down your mouse, getting your hands dirty and reviving your creative spirit.
Fun, huh? Time to start working on your bosses for some conference sponsorship!  I made this last year from a workshop where we played with pulp fiction novel covers:

Pulp fiction workshop

Meetings about to start, so I better sign off.  Hopefully the writers block will lift soon and I'll have more for you.