North Austin love

I've been working in North Austin since April.  Before that, my knowledge of dining options up there was limited to what was around the Super Target and Kohl's (i.e., the usual subjects of gross fast food). Not exactly places that made me want to travel up there for dining.

Little did I know that there's some mighty fine eating to be had around the Dell Parmer campus -- Interstate 35 and Parmer Lane.  My coworkers and I all have a penchant for cuisines from the asian continent - Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Japanese.  We are all fed up with the Dell cafeteria, and have been venturing out more and more to discover the world beyond our corporate fare.

I feel like I have to give my credentials to discuss ethnic cuisine, so here goes.  I've never traveled to Asia, and I probably won't for another 17 years (when the last of my kids goes to college), so my baseline for consideration is this: If there are people of Vietnamese descent dining at a Vietnamese restaurant, it's worthy of my time to try their menu.  If there is a kids menu that comes with crayons, I order the item the least likely to be dripping with "asian sauce" and vow never to come back.

So, here are our favorites.  Try them for yourself.

El Ducko and Mamie (aka my parents): When you get back into town, guess where we're headed for lunch? Want a dosa?