Crime in Austin

Feeling a little weird that there was a shooting today at the University of Texas, but I'm glad that no one got hurt except the gunman. If I know you guys out there (and I feel like I do after getting your questions and comments), you are probably wondering about crime here in Austin.

I feel completely safe living in Austin.  I have no worries about this town, even with today's event taken into account.

Some of you might like to view statistics, so here you go. The police department has broken down the statistics for the past couple of years by neighborhood associations, apartment complexes, census tracts and zip codes.

The website also includes this note, which I really appreciate:
"Don't rely on statistics alone. Statistics can lead to false impressions. For example, locations near shopping centers or commercial property may appear to have a high crime rate simply because of minor shoplifting cases.

Gather a variety of information. Visit neighborhoods and observe the surroundings. Are the homes and yards well-maintained? Are residents walking with children or pets? Are children playing unsupervised? If so, residents probably feel safe. Are burglar bars frequently used? If so, residents have probably experienced significant crime. Talk to residents or contact neighborhood associations for more information."