Scouting Trips to Austin

I just had to post this email I got recently from a reader who is considering moving to Austin.  She contacted Sally Nicely and Ty Roberts from Austin City Living after reading about them on my site to show her and her husband around, plus other ideas I had for sight-seeing. I just love hearing that this site has helped people decide to move here.  If you have any stories that you'd like to share, please send them to me!

I just wanted to write and tell you that we just returned from our 'scouting trip' to Austin and we LOVED it.  Sally and Ty were absolutely amazing.  They were so friendly and down to earth...we felt like we had 'friends' showing us around (as opposed to those overaggressive realtor types!).  They were extremely helpful, not only in helping us find a place to live, but with other tips/knowledge about the city.  I can't say enough about them! We ended up choosing to live at Riata and couldn't be happier. 

Also, we wanted to thank you again for the Asti Trattoria gift certificate.  We did go there and we thought it was fabulous!  Doug and I are both half Italian, so we are pretty critical :)  The food was great, the service was excellent, and we loved the atomosphere...a cozy little neighborhood restaurant.

One more thing.....Doug and I went to the Oasis (on Lake Travis) and had drinks/watched the sunset (this was actually one of Sally's suggestions).  It was definitely one of our favorite things in Austin.  We didn't see this on your website, but we thought people visiting Austin might want to check this out.
Thanks again!

S. & D.

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