Austin Food Trailers

If you don't [yet] live here, you are probably not aware of all the food trailers we have in town. Says the Austin Chronicle, "Our active and delicious mobile food scene has attracted plenty of national attention – check out stories featuring Austin food trailers everywhere from the Food Network to CNN and Bon Appétit to The New York Times."

I live here, and I'm barely aware of everything that's out there. Parenthood has put a cramp in my foodie style. Luckily I've tried the one that all my hipster work friends rave about: East Side King at The Liberty. One would never expect to order brussels sprouts at a bar, but man, it's delicious. There's at least 20 more that are on my radar to try and I don't see many opportunities coming up.

Ever since hearing about a friend's cheeseburger club (they go around and try cheeseburgers all over town and rate them) I've been dying to either finagle an invitation to join, or start my own club. It's been over a year and still no cheeseburger invite, so dang it all, I'm starting my own.

(See where I'm going with this?...)

Introducing the Austin Food Trailer Club! Once a month, we go out and try a new trailer. You know you want to. Contact me for more details.

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