Small Town Feel

Last Friday we went to the grand opening of Black Star Co-op,  a cooperative pub and brewery.  My husband was the architect for the space, and it was an exciting culmination to the year-long project. I got a kick out of seeing my husband shaking all his friends' hands, and we even got a little special treatment from the staff.

Some friends that we met 4 years ago in a birthing class came along with their kids, who now go to daycare with my kids. They were so excited to play with each other outside of daycare, especially on the bouncy house that was set up for the occasion. We also got to chat with some new friends: Matt & Liz, two architects who first contacted me about a year ago after finding this site as they researched their own move to Austin. A couple weeks ago my husband mentioned he found a blog about two architects who had recently moved to Austin, and I connected the dots and discovered it was the same couple. We invited them to the Black Star opening and they were nice enough to accept. Somehow my husband recognized them, and we got to chat a bit, or as much as I could while chasing my 18 month old around the bouncy house.

Here's another little tiny tidbit:  There were a couple bands playing that night, and I recognized one of the band members as the ex-boyfriend of a fellow alumnae from North Carolina School of the Arts. Also, my coworker texted me to say he just met a friend of mine at Liberty Bar. 

Another little social morsel: earlier that day I was in doctor's waiting room, where I picked up an old copy of Austin Monthly, mainly because I had designed an ad in there and I wanted to see how it turned out (yes, I'm terrible for checking it out way past its release date. This month I was better about it), but also because it's a fun read. I was leafing through the articles when I got to the "Most Eligible Bachelors" article, and lo and behold, saw a friend of mine as one of the featured meat men. (Ha ha!  Mental note: must tease him mercilessly next time I see him.)

It sure is fun to feel connected to this city, especially for someone who will eternally feel like a shy 12 year old geek. Austin seems like the perfect sized city that keeps a small town feel, yet is large enough to have things to do and places to see.