Buzz for Bubbers

Want to meet another Austinite?  How about one who is (maybe) going to shave her head on St. Patrick's Day?

Check out my friend K's new blog, Buzz for Bubbers. She has signed up for St. Baldrick's, an event on St. Patrick's Day, for which she will shave her head to raise awareness and give support to children who are fighting cancer. She'll also donate her hair so that a kiddo going through chemo can sport a fine looking wig. Take it from me-- her hair is gorgeous, so that's quite a gift.

Donors can vote on whether or not she should shave her hair by ending their donation in either a 0 or a 1. A donation of $11 = One Yes, Shave It!   A donation of $30 = Three No's!  Don't Do It!

K is doing this in memory of her brother Steven, who died 16 years ago from brain cancer in his early teens.  To quote:
I was sixteen years old when Stephen got sick. I have lived that entire lifetime, again, since he's been gone. It's high time that I got around to talking about him.
Should K shave all her locks off?  Cast your votes now!

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