Renting in Austin

I lucked out when I moved to Austin and was able to stay at my grandmother's house before deciding where to live.  I'm guessing most of you don't have that option.  I'm also guessing a lot of you want to rent before you commit to one area, which is smart.  Here's some advice for you:
  1. Take my neighborhood quiz.  Really.  Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm very proud of it. It gives you a great starting point by taking into consideration your school needs, your commute desires, your daily activities and your tastes in housing.   Make sure you read at the bottom of the results page the related areas you should also look.  Note the zip codes for each area that you're interested because you'll need that next.
  2. Go to for rentals.  If you go to Find a Property > Lease   you'll find a search field.  Type in those zip codes, yo!  Or you can select by general Austin areas too. If you don't type in a price range you should see the high and low ends of the market.
  3. If you are looking for apartments (not homes, because I think is a better resource) you could check out craigslist as well, using the search field to narrow down the results. Beware of scammy agents who just post stuff to get your contact info.  You can usually tell by the title:  $999 / 2br - ****____$89 MOVE-IN + FREE RENT___*STYLISH KITCHEN*___*BIG GYM!*__*** - (ROUND ROCK - CALL OR TEXT NOW!).  All caps, asterisks, and exclamations are a dead give-away.
  4. Some of you may want to work with a realtor to find a home rental.  I recommend that you contact Sally Nicely for help.  Please value her time, as she works on commission.
Of course, all of the above will help you when you want to buy, especially number 4.

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