Is it local?

Have you seen Portlandia?  I started watching it on Netflix in January and quickly went through every episode. It's amazing in a funny-because-it's-true sort of way about liberal meccas such as Austin.  I swear I keep finding little things in my life that mirror the show almost exactly, but none so much as this little episode here, where the two characters grill a server about the local chicken on the menu. Please watch the above episode real quick, so the rest of this will make sense.

Got it?  Ok then.

A couple weeks ago an Austin friend of mine asked this question on Facebook:
Looking for good sources for meat/eggs/cheese from farms that humanely treat and kill their animals in Austin. Would LOVE any suggestion on farms/stores/markets etc. Thanks : ) 
And the first answer from her friend came back like this:
We just visited Sand Creek Farm near Cameron. They are a few hours a way but deliver to Austin on Tuesdays north, central and south. They do raw milk, eggs, cheese, veggies, fruit, meats, honey, syrup, etc. you can buy through their online store. All organic. Happy animals. We spent two hours at their farm and were very impressed. I also like Fresh Pastures. They are in Taylor but sell at several farmers markets. I get all my organic chicken bones and beef bones from them. 
Now, let me be clear that I'm also interested in this information, and thought it would be a great source of info for y'all out there.  But HA!  The dream of the 90's is alive in Austin!

Anyway, here's the info I gleaned from that Facebook exchange for all us hippies out there:

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