Austin Area Schools Ratings 2012

I was SO proud of myself just 5 minutes ago.  I set aside time today to update the school ratings maps with the 2012 school ratings for all of the area schools (Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, and Dripping Springs ISD, oh my!). To make a long story short, it takes me about an hour to get the raw data and clean it up so I can update the Google maps.  I finally got the data the way I liked it and began updating the maps when I noticed that WAIT A MINUTE!

I grabbed the data from last year!  Darn it all!  Then I went and read the Texas Education Agency's website a little closer and noticed this:
Note that no state accountability ratings will be assigned in 2012.
Say what?

Reading further on their FAQ page, I found this:

Q: Will schools and districts receive a state accountability rating in 2012? 
A: No. Under the state accountability system no ratings will be assigned for 2012. However, under federal (AYP) accountability, schools and districts will be assigned a status of Meets AYP, Missed AYP or Not Evaluated. For more information on federal accountability, please visit theAYP Home Page
Q: Do the 2011 ratings "roll over" for 2012? 
A: No. There are no ratings under state accountability for 2012, and the ratings for 2011 do not apply to 2012. See the PEG FAQ for information on how the lack of state ratings in 2012 will affect schools listed under the Public Education Grant (PEG). 
Q: Will performance on the STAAR tests from 2012 be used in the 2013 accountability system? 
A: It is possible that the 2012 STAAR performance will be used for purposes of calculating improvement from 2012 to 2013 in determining ratings for 2013. 
Q: When will schools receive their next ratings? 
A: Schools and districts will be rated under the new accountability system in 2013, and will receive those ratings on August 8, 2013.
I hate acronyms.  When I read them my mind turns to jelly and I can't understand what they're talking about.  The AYP and PEG and STAAR are acting like freezing laser beams to my brain but I am fighting to understand this basic message:  
No school ratings this year. Peace!
Ok then. So should you go off of last years' scores?  Your call.