Updated School Ratings for High Schools and Middle Schools

Thanks for being patient with me!  I've updated the google maps pages for high schools and middle schools ratings for the 2012-2013 school year.  Elementary schools will be following but because there are a billion elementary schools it's taking me a little longer.

Changes:  Texas has gone to a different kind of rating, and has scored schools differently than years past.  I've included the Index 1 Score for each of these schools on the map (hence the slow progress :) ) which you can see when you click on a specific school.  The breakdown is as following:

Red = Scored 90 or above for 2012-2013,
Green = Scored 80-89 for 2012-2013,
Blue = Scored 70-79 for 2012-2013,
Yellow = Scored 69 or below for 2012-2013

Everyone who has paid for access to these maps in the past should be able to access the new data as I saved over the old maps.  Please leave comments in this blog post if you can't access them for high school and middle school yet and I will try to fix all the bugs.

Oh yeah, Google is changing around how they do their maps.  If you've saved your links to "My Places" like I suggested you do, you may have to hunt around for that link.  I found it under the settings icon on the right hand side.

One final thing, then I'll sign off.  Someone asked me why I didn't include ZIP codes in the map. ZIP codes are not necessarily good indicators of school boundaries because the lines are drawn on a street level, not on a ZIP code level.  So some 78751 kids will go to Lee Elementary and some will go to Ridgetop Elementary, and I didn't want you to think it was a guarantee by seeing it on my map.  You should always check school boundaries when you are looking at a house by checking out what the MLS data says, or by entering the address here.